Superior Nibbles – April 2017 Issue

Healthy news and information from Superior Smiles.

Afternoon Snacks for Healthy Teeth

It happens to the best of us just a couple of hours before the end of our workday—the afternoon slump. When we’re feeling low on energy but just have a short period of time left before heading home, it’s easy to reach for a quick pick me up like coffee or a sugary snack to get that much-coveted burst of energy.

While candy or energy drinks might help us get through the end of the day, they’re not very teeth friendly.

The next time you need a jolt of energy at the office, consider opting for something like homemade trail mix complete with a mix of seeds, nuts and dried fruit.

Seeds and nuts can actually work to clean your teeth of built up debris while dried fruit can quench your quick sugar craving naturally. Best of all, this snack is easy to make and store in a container at your desk as it stays fresh for weeks, depending on ingredients.

Making Braces Attractive to Your Kids

While some children and teens are happy to wear braces, young patients can be hesitant to the initial idea. Similar to being told, “You need glasses” from an eye doctor, children sometimes have the same negative connotation whether clear or metal braces.

Help your kids understand the oral health and cosmetic benefits of straightening their smile by sharing this helpful information.

There are plenty of styles and colour options for children to express themselves.

If they’re receiving metal braces, colourful bands of their choosing are often used along the way.

The process also won’t feel as long as it sounds.

For a lot of children, braces can be their first big dental experience. Since they’ll see big changes relatively quickly as teeth shift, they’re more likely to feel at ease after just a few weeks of wearing them.

3 Keys To A Healthy Mouth

Did you know that most oral health problems are completely preventable with proper dental care? As your dentist, we always want your teeth to be as healthy as possible.

Here are three of the most important components that make up a healthy smile.

1. Healthy, pink gums. When gums are bright red and bleed frequently when flossed or brushed, they may be infected or inflamed, requiring a checkup with our practice.

2. Cavity free teeth. If you think you might have a cavity or are dealing with a painful tooth, schedule an appointment with our practice to help control the issue before it becomes more serious.

3. Evenly spaced teeth. Teeth that are too crowded can be difficult to clean while teeth that are too far apart can easily allow foods to become lodged in between.

Keep your teeth healthy by visiting our practice for regular checkups.

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