Our Orthodontic Services in Perth

Orthodontic Clear Braces and Aligners here in North Fremantle

For most of the people orthodontic braces are clunky metal train tracks with wires held in place by brightly coloured elastic bands. Thankfully, the technology of traditional braces has advanced considerably and this is no longer the case. There are also now a variety clear aligners that will affordably and easily transform your smile in a non-invasive manner.

Here at Superior Smiles in North Fremantle, we’re passionate about offering you the best orthodontic resolve to straighten your teeth. Being certified providers of a wide range of available braces and aligners, our experienced dentists will explore and explain the different solutions possible and together we can choose the right orthodontic treatment for you.

Whether your teeth are too widely spaced, are crowded, or you’re just not happy with the way your bite feels – we have the expertise and state of the art equipment to give you a natural and confident smile.

Thinking of clear braces? Here’s what Perthlings need to know.