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Bringing over 70 years of combined experience, Dr Rani Gopal and Dr Beth Davis have a vision which begins with a holistic approach that promotes overall well-being for a happier life. With a focus on preventive care and minimal intervention dentistry, they aim to help you achieve your oral health goals for a smile that not only looks great but also retains its full function for a lifetime.

At Superior Smiles, we understand that oral and body health are intricately connected, and oral problems can affect both your body and mental health. This is why we work closely with you to understand your unique needs, going beneath the surface to identify the underlying cause for lasting solutions. Our services are comprehensive, ranging from preventive and holistic to general, cosmetic, and complex, providing complete dental care to help you retain, maintain, and protect your mouth for a smile that stands the test of time.

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Our services are designed to cater to all your dental needs, providing an optimal balance of maintenance and treatment for a healthy and radiant smile. Our Fremantle Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to ensure your experience is comfortable and positive. Whether you're bringing your child for their first dental checkup or need immediate treatment for a toothache, our caring team is here for you at every stage of your dental journey.

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From general and preventive to cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry, you can reach your oral health goals with the help of our knowledgeable & highly skilled team.

With decades of experience, we can ensure that your teeth not only look incredible but have their full function over your lifetime. Whether you want to have the smile you’ve always dreamed of showing off or simply need a routine checkup to maintain your oral health, our team are here to help you.

We also offer payment plans to make it easier to see us. No more waiting to see the dentist because of the costs associated with looking after your teeth. We accept Afterpay as well as Zippay and it's even possible to use your Superannuation to pay for your dental care.

Why Choose Superior Smiles as Your Oral Health Partner

Holistic Approach

Our clinic stands out by emphasising a holistic approach that connects your oral health to your overall well-being. We believe that a healthy smile contributes to a healthy body, and our treatments are designed to reflect this philosophy, ensuring you receive comprehensive care that addresses both your dental and general health needs.

Preventive & Minimal Intervention Dentistry

We prioritise preventive care and minimally invasive dentistry techniques to preserve natural teeth and avoid unnecessary treatments. Our approach is centred on proactive measures, saving you time and money while promoting long-term oral health.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Your dental needs are unique, and so are our treatment plans. We take the time to understand your specific concerns and goals, tailoring our services to your individual needs. With us, you'll receive bespoke care that aligns with your expectations and preferences.

Range of Payment Plans

We understand quality dental care is an investment, and we want to make it accessible to everyone. As such, we offer a range of flexible payment plans, ensuring you can receive the treatment you need without financial stress. Your oral health is our priority, and we work with you to find a payment solution that suits your budget.

Convenient Location and Hours

Located in a convenient location and offering flexible hours, we make it easy for you to schedule appointments that fit into your busy life. Your time is valuable, and we respect that by providing accessibility and convenience.

Patient Education

We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge about their oral health. We take the time to educate you about your treatment options and how to maintain a healthy smile, equipping you with the tools and information to protect your teeth and gums for life.

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At Superior Smiles, we’re not just your dentists but your partners on the path to optimal oral health. Our unwavering commitment to your well-being means you'll experience exceptional dental care tailored to your unique needs and preferences. With a warm and friendly team, a comfortable environment and long-term relationships based on trust and integrity, we always put you and your dental health first.


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