Braces – (IP) Metal & Ceramic


(IP) Metal & Ceramic braces custom fitted in Fremantle

If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective teeth straightening in Perth, traditional metal braces might be the way to go. Metal braces are very effective at aligning teeth and fixing more complex dental issues. Having been in use for a long time, they have been well researched and thoroughly tried and tested over the years.

Braces consist of metal brackets that are bonded to the front of your teeth. To these brackets is attached a strong u-shaped wire which will guide the movement of your teeth. The wire is attached to the brackets with small rubber bands. You can choose from a range of different coloured bands, or you can be fitted with something more discreet. If you would like something even less noticeable we can provide you with clear braces, which have brackets made of clear, ceramic material that blends in with your teeth.

With technological advancement braces can now be produced at a much smaller size and treatment time has greatly improved. They can also work faster as they are fixed to your teeth, which means they will be worn 24/7. Treatment time will vary from patient to patient, but will typically last for about two years. The other advantage of using metal braces is the cost, which can be substantially less than clear aligners like Invisalign.

There are several advantages in opting for traditional metal braces:

  • Better for complex issues such as large gaps, severe overcrowding or bite issues
  • Treatment time can be reduced as they are fixed in place and worn 24/7
  • More affordable - metal braces cost less than clear braces or clear aligners

Affordable Financing

Our patients can access convenient financing through Zip Money, an interest-free payment plan that covers everything from fillings to braces. Apply online today. Achieve your vibrant smile for as little as $30-$60 per week.

Is Invisalign right for you? Contact Superior Smiles to schedule a 15-minute consultation for yourself or your teen. Our broad range of services can help you find the right solution for your teeth’s current situation, budget and lifestyle.

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