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Custom Fitted Mouthguards in North Fremantle

People who are participating in sports have a potential for injury to their body. The teeth are also subject to trauma. A tooth is knocked out; lips are cut, and the tongue or jaws are easily damaged.

You can minimise or avoid such shocks with a custom-designed sports mouthguard from Superior Smiles.

Protecting Your Dental Health

Our Fremantle experienced dentist can assist you with a mouthguard that will absorb the impact caused by many types of sport. It is tailored to your exact mouth size and shape and offers comfort and ease of breathing. Only the highest-quality materials are used to construct your device.

We can make the mouthguard within 24hrs turnaround time

Custom designed sports mouthguard

Customised dual laminate mouthguards protect your teeth

Getting Started

If you’re interested in mouthguards in Fremantle, start by arranging an appointment for an evaluation. We can provide estimates of cost and walk you through exactly what’s involved. When you have your visit, we’ll take impressions of your teeth and use this information to make a mouthguard that’s a perfect fit for you.

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