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Teeth Whitening Fremantle

Aging, drinking tea, coffee or red wine, smoking, and genetic factors can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. You can achieve a more dazzling look with the teeth whitening solutions at Superior Smiles. We will work with your smile, budget, and lifestyle to determine the correct whitening system that gets you the results you want.

Our teeth whitening procedures are approved by the Australian Dental Association. Zoom tooth whitening systems are available in-chair or with a convenient and simple take-home kit.

One-hour In-chair Treatment

See instant results using this concentrated option. Treatment is performed by our dentist in 60 minutes and produces dramatic results. You can expect that your teeth will lighten significantly by several shades.

Take-home Kits

Custom-designed trays fit your teeth perfectly and apply a concentrated whitening gel to the teeth. You are given pre-loaded trays. Worn for an hour each time, you can complete treatment over 8-14 days depending on the shade you want to achieve.

Get a Jump-start on the Whitening Process

We may recommend a booster application in-chair first, which can give a jump-start to the whitening process. Contact us today to get started!