Airflow & Biofilm Therapy North Fremantle

Gentle, Minimal Contact Therapy for a Whole-Mouth Clean

Airflow dental therapy gives your mouth a complete deep clean, removing stains, discolouration and bacteria for improved oral hygiene. With only a combination of air and fine powder particles, it cleans inaccessible areas at the back of your mouth, deep periodontal pockets, and soft mouth tissues without scraping and contact. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive teeth or those with dental anxiety. 

At our Fremantle Clinic, we focus on offering dental procedures to help you achieve optimal oral health for a lasting and healthier smile. Our holistic approach is aimed at providing bespoke treatments to promote your overall health for improved life quality and a sustainable lifestyle.

With the innovative Airflow Therapy, you get a whole-mouth clean gently and with minimal contact for unmatched oral hygiene and enhanced protection against future dental issues.

Airflow Biofilm Therapy

How Does Airflow & Biofilm Therapy® Work?

Airflow dental cleaning only includes warm water, fine powder, and air to clean your teeth, gums, and tongue. The process is quick and comfortable and involves several steps to ensure a flawless clean:

An Initial assessment to evaluate your dental condition, identifying immediate and potential concerns before starting treatment. Tartar buildup or deeper stains may require additional treatment.

Next, our hygienist applies a special dye to your teeth. This highlights the surfaces with the plaque, allowing you to see the areas that are missed during regular brushing.

We will then use the airflow device to gently remove the biofilm without any direct contact. The Airflow jet is guided across all teeth surfaces, including the front, back, and sides, deep pockets, between the teeth, tongue and gum line.

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Once the cleaning process is complete, our hygienist will thoroughly rinse your mouth to remove any residual powder and debris. A final quality control and check will be done to ensure all target areas have been thoroughly cleaned.

Benefits of Airflow Dental Cleaning

Airflow Therapy has been specially developed to remove dental biofilm from the teeth and gums, reducing the risk of decay and gum diseases. But what makes it different is the process and the many benefits it offers for users. 

Here are some benefits why the Airflow dental hygiene craze will be good for you:

Superior Oral Hygiene Made Easy with Our Airflow & Biofilm® Therapy

Experience the transformative power of Airflow Dental Cleaning & Biofilm Therapy, taking your oral hygiene to the next level with a cleaning that feels more like a teeth facial than a dental treatment. Our gentle dentists and hygienists work with you to understand and listen to your concerns, striving to provide treatments tailored to your hygiene and dental requirements. Whether you need personalised hygiene and general treatments or cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile, we’re here to help – with over 70 years of experience and a caring touch to bring superior smiles to you and your family.

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