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Root Canal Treatment: Why Do You Need It?

When it comes to your teeth, we know that having to touch or do anything permanent to it may cause hesitations. After all, while hair grows back and a tan fades, our adult teeth are forever right?

We get the hesitation, which is why we’re here to help you protect it. Being able to go to your trusted dental practice to address problems as they’re just starting doesn’t actually harm your teeth, it actually prevents further wear and tear — such is the purpose of treatments such as a root canal procedure. 

Root canal therapy is one of the best ways of keeping your mouth healthy and avoiding more problems. Let’s dive into more about it in our blog here. 

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

First, let’s explain what happens during a root canal treatment. It’s not something scary, but actually helpful in saving a tooth that might otherwise need to be taken out. 

Root canal treatment is usually suggested when the inside of a tooth gets infected or swollen because of deep decay, injury, or many dental treatments. The process includes taking out the infected or hurt part, cleaning and disinfecting the root, and sealing it up to stop more infection.

The Importance of Saving Your Natural Tooth

A big reason why root canal treatment is important is because it helps keep your original tooth. 

Unlike pulling the tooth out completely, root canal treatment fixes the issue without removing the whole tooth. This is important for keeping your ability to chew well, stopping nearby teeth from moving around, and keeping your face looking normal. Also, saving your own tooth means you don’t have to get more expensive treatments like dental implants or bridges.

Debunking Common Root Canal Treatment Misconceptions

Before diving deeper into the benefits of root canal treatment, let’s address some common myths that often deter individuals from seeking this necessary procedure:

It is a Painful Process

In the past, root canal treatment used to be known as painful — mainly because of the lack of local anaesthesia. 

But now, with better dental tools and numbing medicines, it’s hardly painful for most people. Actually, the pain from the infected tooth before the treatment is usually worse than the treatment itself.

It’s Better to Just Extract the Tooth

While pulling a tooth out might seem like a fast solution, it can cause problems in the long run. 

If you don’t put something in the empty space, it can lead to bone loss, make nearby teeth move, and make chewing hard. Root canal treatment is a gentler way that keeps your own tooth and keeps your mouth healthy.

Root Canals Cause More Problems

Some people used to think that root canals make things worse, but that’s actually true.

There’s no proof that root canal treatment leads to body-wide sickness. In reality, root canal treatment gets rid of infection and stops bacteria from spreading, which actually makes you healthier overall.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Now that we’ve addressed common misconceptions, let’s explore the numerous benefits of undergoing root canal treatment:

Pain Relief

One of the immediate benefits of root canal treatment is relief from the severe toothache caused by the infected tissue at the root of your tooth.

Once the infected tissue is removed, the tooth can heal, alleviating discomfort and restoring normal function.

Preservation of Natural Teeth

Overall, preserving your natural tooth through root canal treatment is far preferable to extraction. 

Natural teeth provide better chewing efficiency, maintain jawbone density, and contribute to a more natural smile.

Prevention of Further Complications

Ignoring an infected tooth can lead to serious complications such as abscesses, bone loss, and even systemic infections. Root canal treatment addresses the underlying issue, preventing these complications from arising.

Even before serious teeth problems start, it is best for you to know that root canal is really important for your teeth because it helps with pain, keeps your natural teeth safe, stops problems from happening, saves you money, and makes your mouth healthier. 

If you know how crucial root canals are and do your research on how they can really help then you’ll be able to do what’s best for your teeth.Just remember, keeping your own teeth as long as you can is important for having a nice smile for a long time.

Get your Root Canal Treatment Today

At Superior Smiles, our root canal treatment services help you address your dental problems right at the root — making sure it doesn’t come back and that your teeth stay nice and healthy in the long run.

If you’re interested in how we do it, head on over to check out our root canal treatment page as we explain our process or contact our dental specialists at Superior Smiles. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing dental treatments to help your overall dental health at all times!

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