Teeth Grinding: Symptoms & Solutions

Teeth Grinding: Symptoms & Solutions Do you suffer from aching teeth and jaws in the morning? This could be due to unconscious teeth grinding during your sleep. You might need an occlusal splint for relief. Read on to find out more and contact our practice if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below.

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Post-Festive Season Dental Care

Tips for Protecting Your Teeth After the Silly Season! ‘Twas the season to be jolly! And for many of us it included indulging in all the traditional Christmas foods and drinks – from champagne to pavlova and hot chocolate to trifle. Yum! But now that it’s January and we can no longer use the festive

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Perfect Teeth By Your Wedding Day!

7 Things You Can Do For Perfect Teeth By Your Wedding Day! Many brides-to-be feel concerned about how their teeth will photograph on their wedding day. Chipped, cracked, discoloured, and stained teeth are some of the most common issues dentists deal with prior to someone’s wedding. From dental procedures to self-care steps, there are plenty

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