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Dental Veneers 101

For most people, the health and appearance of our teeth has a big impact on confidence. If you often feel like you feel self-conscious, like you have to close your lips when you smile for a photo, or hide a laugh behind your hand, it’s time to consider dental veneers.

Dental veneers in Perth, WA at Superior Smiles

Porcelain dental veneers are a great way to improve your smile and maintain the structure of your teeth. Veneers can strengthen and repair teeth while enhancing their overall appearance – especially if they are chipped, malformed or very discoloured.

Dental veneers are a thin porcelain or composite shell. They are placed over misaligned, stained, chipped teeth, and gapped teeth.

Veneers are a conservative alternative to dental crowns and are stronger and longer lasting than white fillings. Dental veneers are also a less invasive option than crowns.

The process for teeth veneers takes just two visits to complete:

  • On the first visit, your tooth is prepared by removing a tiny amount of enamel. Then an impression of your tooth or teeth are taken.
  • During the second appointment, your custom-made veneer or veneers are fitted and checked to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the result. The veneer is then bonded to your tooth, and any necessary trimmings are made before the finished veneer is polished.

There are a variety of options for the best dental veneers depending on your needs, the type of look you want, and your budget.

You don’t have to cover every tooth with a veneer, just the ones that are problematic.

Our Superior Smiles dentists will recommend the ideal number and type of veneers for you and match their shape and colour to your natural teeth surrounding the veneers.


When Are Porcelain Dental Veneers Recommended?

When people get veneers, they are often looking to improve specific aspects of their teeth such as:

  • discolouration like a grey tooth from a root canal or traumatic injury
  • stained teeth
  • chipped or broken teeth

However, many people also seek out veneers when they are unhappy with the overall appearance of their teeth. For example if their teeth are very small or pointed, crooked or gapped.


Advantages of Porcelain Dental Veneers

Veneers are an advantageous option for improving your smile because they are less invasive and less painful that other orthodontic procedures.

They are totally customisable to achieve a natural looking smile for each patient, and are not entirely permanent, which means your veneers can be adjusted to your face as it changes (a set of veneers lasts 10-15 years).

Unlike more extensive and invasive dental procedures like dental crowns, dental veneers do not require a lot of shaping of your gums or your existing teeth to be bonded.


Types of Dental Veneers

There are a few different types of dental veneers available. Knowing which material option for veneers is right for you, will depend on the problems you want to fix.

Porcelain veneers are considered the best at resisting stains and mimicking natural healthy teeth. Resin composite veneers are less expensive and are a good alternative, however they don’t last as long as porcelain veneers.


Dental Veneers Summarised  

Veneers are a safe, quick, and easy way to achieve a brilliant smile, with the added benefit of protecting the overall health of your teeth.

Great reasons to consider dental veneers:

  • Minimally invasive – little tooth preparation required.
  • Appearance lasts longer than teeth whitening.
  • Permanent and durable – resists stains and cavities.
  • More convenient than braces or clear aligners.
  • A long-term solution to standard white fillings.

At Superior Smiles we regularly help people achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

Can I get dental veneers in Perth?

To find out about how porcelain denatal veneers can improve your smile – and your self-confidence – speak to our Perth team at Superior Smiles today.


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