Superior Nibbles – February 2018 Issue

Take Your Teeth for a Spin

While a manual toothbrush does an excellent job of keeping your teeth clean if you brush correctly and long enough, electric toothbrushes can amp up your brushing power. Depending on the brand, an electric toothbrush can rotate up to 30,000 strokes each minute!

Thanks to an electric toothbrush’s rotating head it can brush teeth more thoroughly than a manual brush can and effectively removes plaque along the gumline. If you’re a longtime “scrubber” who is trying to dial back brushing intensity, electric toothbrushes can be very gentle.

An electric toothbrush is also easy to use, and it does the work for you. To ensure you’re brushing long enough, some electric toothbrushes include a two-minute timer, shutting off or beeping when you’ve hit the mark.

Considering going electric? Ask us for a brand recommendation at your next visit.

A Valentine Gift for Your Teeth

Though chocolates and decadent sweets may be on the menu this Valentine’s Day, your teeth don’t have to suffer–instead, give your teeth a valentine gift by taking extra care of them.

If you do partake in eating treats, aim to brush your teeth afterward to prevent plaque from forming. If you are unable to brush, try to rinse your mouth with water to wash away any food particles.

Another way you can give your teeth a present is by making them gleam brightly. If years of coffee, tea or wine consumption have tarnished your teeth, we can discuss the best whitening options for your smile goals.

Most importantly, practicing scrupulous oral hygiene habits such as brushing twice a day and flossing daily can show your teeth love. Don’t forget your twice-yearly preventative checkups, which can help ensure that your teeth stay healthy, strong and beautiful.

Should I See the Dentist If I’m Sniffling & Sneezing?

That dreaded pre-cold has turned into a full-blown head cold complete with sniffles, sneezes and a sore throat. You checked your calendar and saw that you have an upcoming appointment at our practice. Do you go or cancel?

It’s not an easy answer, but you may want to assess the intensity of your symptoms. Is your nose running nonstop or are you sneezing constantly or occasionally? Do you have a fever? Is your nose stuffy? If yes to the last one, it may be hard to breathe through your mouth, depending on what dental treatment you’re scheduled to receive.

As your dental team members will be outfitted with surgical masks, gloves and glasses, the risk of germs being spread is minimised. When in doubt, however, give our practice a call. Let us know what your symptoms are, and we can help you decide whether to come in or cancel.

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