SmileMate for Rural and Remote Patients

What is SmileMate?

SmileMate is changing the way we monitor the oral health of our patients & is allowing us to provide a better level of dental services to rural communities.
Over the last few years, people living throughout rural Australia have seen a decline in their oral health compared to those living in the city, and a major factor causing this is the limited access to dental services for country residents.

We’ve been able to solve this problem by using SmileMate.
SmileMate is a virtual consultation app allowing dentists to evaluate a patients’ current oral situation or treatment progress without needing them to travel to attend an appointment.

What makes SmileMate so good?

SmileMate allows you to consult with your dentist in a matter of seconds from the comfort of your own home, which means greater convenience and comfort for our rural patients. One scan is all you need to provide so your dentist can monitor your treatment in between your face-to-face appointments.

When you send images of your teeth to your dentist via the app, they will be able to analyse your oral health remotely and recommend the best treatment options for you.

Monitoring dental treatment with SmileMate also makes it easier for dentists as they’re able to reduce the amount of time between visits and identify issues as they arise instead of dealing with them once they’ve become a serious problem. Dentists can even send annotated pictures to the patient via the app so they’re able to better understand their dentist’s advice.

Your dentist will send updates and recommendations based on your dental monitoring scans. For example, if your oral hygiene is declining due to aligner wear, they will let you know what areas you need to focus on when brushing. Or, if your aligner is not fitting properly, they can inform you that it’s important to continue wearing your current aligner longer or use a different tool.

SmileMate also allows you and your dentists to manage & monitor your orthodontic treatment together once it has begun.

Try SmileMate at Superior Smiles

At Superior Smiles, we are happy to provide Dental Monitoring as part of your orthodontic treatment because we know how valuable your time is. We want to ensure that rural communities have the same level of dental care as people living in the city so you can look after your teeth & gums without the hassle of coming into town every couple of months.

If you’re interested in SmileMate contact us today on 9254 6510

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