Superior Smiles Membership Program

Superior Smiles Membership Program

Making Preventative Dentistry Affordable For Your Family

For patients without private health insurance, the cost of your routine preventative dentistry treatments can quickly add up.

We’ve introduced a new Membership Plan that gives you two check ups and cleans (including fluoride treatment, intraoral images and 2 x xrays - if required) each year. Not only does the plan let you pay off your treatments in installments but you’ll also save 30% on the price of the included services and receive an additional discount if you need a follow up appointment.

No Waiting Periods

You’re able to start receiving treatment and saving money straight away. There are no waiting periods and no annual limits, while your plan covers the recommended twice annual check up and clean appointments only, the additional 10% discount applies for the lifetime of your membership regardless as to how much work you need or any pre-existing conditions you or your family members may have.

Adult Pricing
Non-Member / regular fees prices

2x Oral Examination


2x Scale & Polish Clean


2x Fluoride Treatment


2x X-ray (if required)


2x Intraoral Photos





With Membership Discount

- $180

Total Cost

$416 Annually

Membership Pricing
  • $8.00 a week,
  • $34.66 a month or
  • $416 Annually
Child(from 5-15 years of age):
  • $6.00 a week,
  • $26 a month or
  • $312 Annually

One time sign up cost of $49.

Terms and conditions apply and contact practice for details please.

  • 10% off all general dental treatments *
  • Affordable prices with periodic payments
  • No waiting period
  • For patients without private health insurance
  • Not affiliated with any other business, private insurance company or payment plan.
  • Terms & Conditions apply.