SmileMate – Smile Simulation




Simulating your future smile in a matter of seconds with SmileMate!

Are you curious to see what your teeth would look like after Orthodontic treatment? Well with SmileMate you now can in a matter of seconds and from the comfort of your own home. SmileMate is a revolutionary dental product that allows patients to not only see their future smile but also monitor their orthodontic treatment once it has begun! This means greater control and comfort for you. For your future smile simulation fill out the form below.

Ready to start monitoring your teeth?

We're happy to provide you with Dental Monitoring as part of your orthodontic treatment because we know how important your smile is to you and how valuable your time is. Through the Dental Monitoring app, we can monitor your treatment in between dental appointments. You only need to provide one scan, it's as simple as that!

How does it work?

Take scans of your smile anywhere!

Your DM App is a new way to communicate with your doctor. In two minutes, your Scan Box will help you take scans of your smile. This will give your doctor all the information he or she needs about the progress of your treatment. Your next appointment could take place on the beach! Isn't it simple?

Your Doctor revives scan feedback

As a result of your scans, your doctor receives regular updates on your treatment. In the DM in-App messaging system, you will receive treatment updates and advice. Your doctor has the ability to contact you at any time, without the need for you to schedule an appointment!

Check how your smile is changing

The unique photo morphing technology is available on your App, allowing you to track the movement of your teeth. Every time you perform a new scan, your progress is updated. Isn't that amazing? If you would like to book your virtual consultation now, fill out the form below:

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